Appian Health Check Application

This application simplifies the process of requesting an Appian Health Check. It can (upon your approval) automatically collect the data from your environment, submit the collected data for analysis, and report identified risks to your environment’s news feed.  Choose the process that works best for you. Run it manually, or schedule it. Review the files before approving analysis or automatically approve.

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  • I've imported the most recent Health Check app and found an issue relating to the analysis period. It appears the AHC_ANALYSIS_WINDOW constant is not updated by the AHC Configure Schedule process (logic missing from OR gateway) and also the AHC_UI_schedule has the analysisPeriod input as a decimal rather than an integer

  • Can the AHC_ENV_IS_CLOUD and AHC_ENV_IS_PRODUCTION be update to be environment specific so this can be set when importing the app?