CollabraLink Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Today, more than ever, comprehensive risk management is critical to operations. With traditional COTs and GOTs risk management tools creating their own data silo and offering only basic automation and minimal flexibility, it is no surprise that less than one in three executives felt their organizations had adequate risk management processes in place. (AICPA 2020 survey.)

CollabraLink ERM was built to deliver the best that Appian has to offer. We started by partnering with industry and academic enterprise risk experts to envision an industry-leading feature set; one that raises the bar of what an ERM solution can do. These experts worked with CollabraLink’s human centric design specialists to deliver a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use design.

Built entirely on the Appian Platform, CollabraLink ERM takes full advantage of the automation capabilities provided. Intelligent automation brings key features to ERM including:

  • Artificial Intelligence driven predictive reporting and vulnerability analysis.
  • Identification of associated risks with Machine Learning.
  • “Plain English” search with Natural Language Processing search capabilities. (e.g: “I want to see all risks entered by John over the past month”)
  • Continuous monitoring of internal and third party systems with Appian RPA

Key Features and Functionality:

  • Create new risks, issues and opportunities in a wizard-style editor that identifies similar records via artificial intelligence for easy reuse.
  • Intelligent Automation helps to classify risks and identify the optimal response and management approach.
  • Easily manage risks, issues and opportunities with deep, drill-able management dashboards.
  • Say goodbye to the need for ad-hoc reports and complex custom reports. Search using “plain English” and find what you need in seconds.
  • Track the progress of risks through automated notifications, and native auditing capabilities.
  • Orchestrate your response using built-in case-management tasking, risk response teams, and automated engagement tools.
  • Constantly have the newest data available for your risks with external source monitoring using Appian RPA.
  • Configure CollabraLink ERM to fit your needs. With dozens of end user configuration options out-of-the-box, ERM adapts to your organization’s processes, not the other way around. From simple changes such as labels and categorization, to complex RPA configurations ERM can be configured without code changes or deployment.

CollabraLink ERM is not simply a step forward for risk management, it is about redefining what it means to be prepared. A single, unified system, capable of deeply integrating with your existing processes and delivering the best technology available to support and enable your team.