Content Details by UUID

Contains several Functions to get content objects and process models details by ID or UUID:

  • getContentDetailsByUUID
    • You can now know if this UUID belongs to a deleted rule or constant in the target environment that is still cached.
  • getContentObjectDetailsByID
    • Retrieves information of any content object regardless its type given its local ID. It shows the content object's parent ID to be able to find it easily using intuitive URLs.
  • getProcessModelDetailsByUUID
    • Retrieves information about a process model given its UUID or ID.  Helpful when an import is failing due to a missing content object or process model. It returns the whole path of the location of the model to make it easier to find it.
  • getContentDetailsByInternalName
    • Retrieves information about a document given its internal file name.
  • getConstantOrRuleUUIDByName
    • Returns the UUID of a rule or constant. Useful when you've deleted a rule and constant and want to get the original UUID.
  • getContentObjectsWithNumOfVersions
  • getContentObjectRevisionHistoryDetails
    • Retrieves the revision history of a content object formatted as "[version id, date created, date updated, size, author]"

Useful to identify rules/constants with large number of versions when investigating high memory usage in the Collaboration engine. See for more information.

  • Why this function getConstantOrRuleUUIDByName only run by Admin user? Why not normal user?  We are facing issues where this function is executed by normal user in the interfaces.

  • The admin user restriction comes from the public API. You need to be a designer to be able to execute the API I am using.

  • Does the latest version (2.7) remove the use of Deprecated API's that are being reported in the Appian Healthchecks for the functions getContentDetailsByInternalName and getContentObjectsWithNumOfVersions ? Many thanks Paul

  • Thanks for asking. It does not remove those. I am glad you're mentioning this problem. I'll address soon in a newer version.