When filling out applications or forms, consumers often have questions specific to the product that they are applying for.  Instead of dedicating tens or hundreds of customer service representatives to answer the same questions over and over, Princeton Blue’s ConversationBot app can be configured to address the more commonly asked questions and requests.  This will allow your real customer service representatives to focus on the more difficult requests while being able to provide faster response times to consumer help requests.

The use-case shown in the screenshots highlights how ConversationBot can be added to a mortgage application to assist consumers determine what mortgage type to select.  ConversationBot can be added to any Appian application where end-users need help making decisions and navigating through forms.


  • ConversationBot will answer user questions using the AIML (Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language) framework with some initial developmental training for the area of expertise.
  • Use Appian embedded SAIL to add the ConversationBot functionality to an external webpage.
  • Based on ConversationBot’s ability to respond to a consumer’s question the app forks into a process flow that sends an Appian task to a group of Customer Service specialists, who can assist the consumer further.
  • All chat conversations are persisted to a database for audit trail purposes and producing metrics.