Finance Functions

Exposes a collection of commonly used corporate finance functions to Appian designers. Functions included:

  • breakevenpoint()  - Sales units needed to reach point of zero loss or profit
  • cashflow()   - Returns cash flow
  • compoundinterest()  - Calculates the amount of reinvested interest earned on investment
  • futurevalue()  - Value of an asset or cash at a specific date in the future
  • currentratio()  - Current assets over current liabilities
  • grossmargin()  - Ratio of gross profit to revenue
  • interestcoverageratio()  - Ratio of earnings before interest & tax to interest expense
  • inventoryturnoverratio()  - Ratio of cost of goods sold to average inventory during a given accounting period
  • markettobookratio() - Market value to book value
  • peratio()  - Share price to earning ratio (P/E)
  • presentvalue() - Returns the value today of a future cash flow
  • profitmargin()  - Margin on sales
  • quickratio()  - Current ratio excluding inventory
  • riskpremium() - Difference in expected return from risk free rate
  • roe()  - Return on equity ratio (ROE)
  • roi() -  Return on investment (ROI)
  • totaldebratio() - Assets less equity over total assets