PDFTron WebViewer Component

This PDFTron WebViewer component plug-in provides the following functionality for PDFs and images.

  • Annotation & Collaboration
    • Markup PDF, MS Office, and other formats with highlights, stamps & notes. Support real-time collaboration, XFDF, and all PDF annotation types.
  • PDF Viewer
    • View most challenging PDFs with speed and reliability. Reflow content. Embed slick & ready controls, or take full control with our source code.
  • PDF Form Filling
    • Support interactive form filling, FDF, and embedded JavaScript. Or, programmatically create, pre-fill, sign, extract, and flatten PDF forms.
  • Edit & Manipulate
    • Programmatically or interactively insert pages and content, append, split, remove, crop, reorder, rotate, export, edit, and much more.
  • Digital Signatures
    • Sign PDFs using standard (and custom) Digital Signatures. Extract information for validation. Support multiple-signatures and XFDF.
  • Searching
    • Use advanced regex to search across pages, annotations, and PDF libraries. Find the exact position of text on pages.
  • Redaction
    • Safely remove sensitive content within PDFs without covering or obscuring. Redact regions interactively or programmatically.
  • Measuring Tools
    • Define a document’s scale and then measure distance, area, and perimeter. Snap to control points for increased precision.

Key Features and Functionality

  • View PDFs, images with multiple viewing modes and unlimited zooming
  • Annotate, comment, review and approve
  • Rotate, rearrange, delete and extract pages
  • Search the document using multiple search modes
  • Redact and remove sensitive information from documents

There is a corresponding Connected System Plug-in that can be deployed and configured.