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  • Windows - Send Desktop Files to Appian

    Retrieve files on the desktop and send to an Appian Web API.
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  • Excel - Insert JSON Data

    Use this robotic process to automatically update an Excel spreadsheet and output the saved XLSX file in the cloud.
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  • SAP - Update Customer - VD02

    Update Customer Address information with Appian RPA Gui Scripting in SAP IDES.
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  • SAP - Create Sales Order - VA01

    Create Sales Orders with Appian RPA GUI Scripting in SAP IDES.
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  • Outlook - Get Emails and Attachments Utility

    Automate Outlook with this robotic process that retrieves email data and attachments.
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  • Intelligent Budgeting Framework

    An enterprise-wide budgeting platform focusing on making the forecasting process more agile, dynamic and intelligent
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  • Google Cloud AutoML Connected System

    Google Cloud AutoML enables building, training, and predicting on custom Image, Text, or Translate models in using Google...
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  • Content Tools

    Functions and Smart Services to interface with Appian documents and rules
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  • Microsoft PowerBI Connected System

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this connected system plug-in and the corresponding component plug-in
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  • Snowflake Connected System

    Returns result sets from queries executed in Snowflake Data Warehouse as a dictionary
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  • Reporting Utilities

    Retrieve all applications in the environment and application-specific rules, constants, and process models UUIDs
  • Dynamic Document Generator

    Convert, merge and generate DOCX, PDF and XML files automatically in an Appian process
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