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  • Mail Poller

    Consumes all unread email from a mailbox and adds entries to a database table for use by Appian processes
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  • Text Cache

    Provides a lightweight cache for Text values
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  • SAPPA Map Component

    Integrates SAPPA by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure of South Australia into Appian
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  • Excel Financial Functions

    Financial functions found in Excel
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  • Date Formatter in JSON

    Manipulates Date data of a JSON string and converts it back to Appian Date format and returns the complete JSON data
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  • Google Charts Component

    Support for charts types - Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Combo, TreeMap, Sankey, Candlestick, Bubble, Pie and Word Tree
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  • UiPath Appian Activity Sample App

    Start any Appian Process from UiPath Studio! This Sample app provides Web APIs used by the UiPath Appian Activity.
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  • Execute Stored Procedure

    Allows a stored procedure to be executed and result sets are returned as CDTs
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  • Machine Learning with Google AutoML Tables

    Allows business users to leverage the power of machine learning by using their data to model and predict
  • Google AutoML Tables Connected System

    Use Google AutoML Tables to analyze your structured data and make predictions
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  • UiPath Connected System

    Start Jobs and monitor your robots with Appian's UiPath Connected System!
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  • Microsoft PowerBI Component

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this component plug-in and the corresponding connected system plug-in
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