Exam Information

Exam Name: Appian RPA Pro
Requirement(s): Any core Appian Certification
Number of items: 32 Items
Duration: 60 Minutes
Price: $50

*Core certification vouchers cannot be used for Pro Badges and no discounts can be applied.

Candidate Description

This exam focuses on the various aspects of Appian automation, such as process modeler, smart services, integrations, interfaces, plugins, and business rules. Successful candidates should have hands-on experience building Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions in Appian. You should have the ability to identify and evaluate use cases, design, configure, and build solutions, utilizing best practices to meet business requirements. You should also understand how to troubleshoot, debug, maintain, and optimize the solution.

Exam Objectives

Candidates should fully prepare for an exam using the exam content sections below as a checklist to identify possible gaps between knowledge and the skills measured by the exam.

Appian Automation Fundamentals

- Identify when to use various types of automation (e.g., RPA, integrations, data smart services, process model)
- Design an end to end application orchestrating humans, digital workers, and AI to accomplish business objectives
- Create and leverage Appian data types to store and transfer data within the application
- Deploy Appian application artifacts (e.g., application objects, patches, SQL statements, robotic processes)

Evaluate, Design and Build Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

- Identify suitable use cases for RPA automation
- Plan resource requirements, including libraries
- Use roles and permissions to secure robotic processes, resources, and credentials
- Install and set up agents and resources for use on virtual or desktop machines
- Use the appropriate actions to automate applications such as browsers, windows app, command prompt, mainframe
- Design an automaton solution to manage errors and exceptions
- Build a robotic process and configure the actions
- Record task actions using the task recorder
- Use loops and conditionals to control the flow of the robotic process

Appian Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Operations

- Create and configure a service account, connected system, and integration for a robotic process
- Use and manage credentials in a robotic process
- Use process models or interfaces to execute a robotic process
- Troubleshoot and debug robotic processes, agents, and resources
- Use different methods to monitor the execution and performance of a robotic process

Preparation Resources

Preparation is the key to certification success. While training is not required, we do provide specific course recommendations that provide you with skills validated by the exam. It’s important that you couple your technical training and familiarity with Appian documentation  with practical application to ensure your highest chances for success on your exam. Use the below resources to guide your preparation based on a thorough review of the exam objectives.


Appian Documentation
Appian Automation Learning Path
Appian Applied RPA
Developer Playbook


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