Appian Foundations is designed to give users an idea of the full application development lifecycle with emphasis on the planning stages of an Appian project. After the planning stages, they will construct core aspects of the application to have a well-rounded understanding of Appian tools and application building requirements, which will help them to communicate with Designer team members. Lastly, participants will explore user experience design in Appian and see how it can be used to dramatically impact the use, adoption, and perception of an application.

Prerequisites: None

Please enroll in this course by 5pm EDT on February 24th to confirm your seat in the course. To ensure a good learner experience for all registered in the course we will not accept registrations after that date.

All Classroom Sessions will be delivered remotely until further notice.

List Price (USD): $4250
Training Credits: 5

Course ID: 2053 (for reference)