An application’s interface can make or break a user's experience. User experience means adoption, adoption means success. Yet creating harmonious and intuitive interfaces is hard. With Applied User Interfaces, learn by doing. Over 4 consecutive half-days, dive in a practice-first training with the help of an instructor. By the end of the course you will have: used advanced interface components, practiced creation of dynamic interfaces, troubleshot and fixed broken interfaces. You'll have the essential arsenal of skills for a developer improving the interfaces they build.

Note: This class is fully remote, and takes place over four days of approximately four hours each (16 hours total) running from 2-6 PM CEST.

Before You Attend

The Applied User Interfaces course is open to anyone who wishes to attend it. However, the course assumes students have a strong grasp of Appian’s low-code design tools such as the interface builder, conditional expressions, and file management. Students should also have an understanding of good user experience principles. Before attending this course, students should complete Appian Developer training as well as Advanced User Experience.

List Price (USD): $1800
Training Credits: 2
Please enroll in this course by CEST on May 25th to confirm your seat in the course. To ensure a good learner experience for all registered in the course we will not accept registrations after that date.