Credentials FAQ

The purpose of the Appian Credential Program is to allow individuals to demonstrate they have the required knowledge and/or skills to perform key Appian roles according to Appian best practices.

Exam Policies

It is highly recommended that you complete classroom training before attempting an exam.

Level 2 and 3 exams require 12 and 24 months of delivery experience on the Appian platform, respectively.

Each credential will contain course materials from previous exams.

By acquiring the credential, you agree to allow your credential status be shared with others.

All Appian Credentials are valid for 18 months

*Appian is extending a grace period to all credentials set to expire between Nov 1, 2020 and Aug 31, 2021. These will remain valid until Aug 31, 2021, giving developers the opportunity to renew on new exams set to be released May 2021. These exams will be built following industry best practices for high quality and relevant exams. In addition they will be administered in proctored sessions to protect the integrity of the certification. 

Credentials are not awarded for a particular release, but exam questions are updated for the latest release.

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. All work must be original and completed individually. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compiling question banks or cheat sheets
  • Allowing other users to take any part of an exam
  • Group work to answer questions on the exam
  • Any submission that is deemed to contain non-original work will receive a failing grade of zero and may result in barring from credentialing exams in the future. No refunds will be given.

Exam Pricing

Cost for a credential is dependent upon the type. The current rates are:

Level 1 - $200

Level 2 - $350

Level 3 - $600

Credential fees are non-refundable. The fee covers grading and materials. Paying the credential fee does not guarantee awarding of the credential.

There is no discount when retaking a credential exam

Credential Steps

  1. Users can register for an exam from Academy Online
  2. From your dashboard on the Academy site, select the exam from the Credentials Catalog
  3. All exams are available for registration at any time.  However, we strongly recommend completing the Exams in sequential order.  Users with less than 24 months of delivery experience will not pass the interview portion of the Level 3 exam.
  4. Payment is required via online credit card payment through Academy Online. Payment is non-refundable.
  5. Once payment is processed, participants will be able to take the exam directly in Academy Online.

Results and Retaking

For multiple-choice exams, participants will receive their score immediately after submitting the exam or after their exam time expires (whichever occurs first).

For the Level 3 Exam, your result will be posted after your interviewer has recorded their feedback.

Grading results are final.

  • If a user passes the credential exam, they will see their score immediately. Certificates can be downloaded directly from the Appian Academy.
  • If a user does not pass the credential exam, they may retake the exam after 30 days. All applicable fees will apply.

Credential Lookup

Users will be able to check their credential status of other users via Community

  • Partners can view their own current credentials under the A-Score view from their profile.
  • Customers can view A-Scores of partner practitioners using the Partner Practitioner A-Score report.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when I need to renew my Credential?

All Appian Credentials are valid for 18 months.  You can find the award date of your credential in your profile on Community.

*Appian is extending a grace period to all credentials set to expire between Nov 1, 2020 and Aug 31, 2021. These will remain valid until Aug 31, 2021, giving developers the opportunity to renew on new exams set to be released May 2021. These exams will be built following industry best practices for high quality and relevant exams. In addition they will be administered in proctored sessions to protect the integrity of the certification. 

Are there Practice Credential Exams available?

To maintain the integrity of our exams, Appian does not offer practice attempts.  We suggest using the quizzes in the online courses to prepare for the exams. 

Is there a Credential for Analysts and Business Users?

As of January 2019, Appian only issues credentials for 3 Appian Developer levels.  There is no longer a credential for Business users.

Is there a certificate to show I passed my Credential Exam?

Please follow the instructions below to download your certificate within 30 days of completing the exam:

  1. Select My Dashboard from the menu at the very top left from the home page in Appian Academy
  2. Then select Courses from your list on the left
  3. Find the credential course from the list, and you should see a certificate icon next to it. If you click that icon, it will download the certificate for you

I did not pass my exam.  Can I get a copy of my answers to review?

To maintain the integrity of our exams, we do not share questions or answers.

I’m interested in taking a credential exam, but I find the outline of the exam very vague. Is there a more comprehensive breakdown of what categories the exam will touch upon?

Credentials evaluate the knowledge and skills as an Appian Developer. Exam questions are based off of two things: formal training and on-the-job experience. If you want to know about what categories are going to be in the exam, start with the training classes that we offer. For example, Level 1 exam include questions related to Appian for the Developer content and Appian for the Business content.  The Level 2 exam covers all of this along with the Advanced Developer course content your experience delivering Appian in the field. The added content for the Level 3 exam will come entirely from your project delivery experience.

My A-Score dropped over the past week. Is this related to my credential level?

Perhaps. Remember that credentials are valid for 18 months. If a credential expired recently, your score would go down as a result. Similarly, credential exams recently taken could take up to a week to reflect in your A-Score.  For more information about the relationship between Credentials and your A-score, visit the A-score page of the Partner Section.

I recently took training courses; however, my A-Score has not increased. Can you please help?

Only awarded Credentials and submitted project experience affect your A-Score. Training attendance does not.

I see all exams available to me in the Academy Online. However, I thought that I needed a prerequisite for some exams. Do I need to take the Level 1 Credential before the Level 2 exam?

No. All exams are independent of each other and can be completed out of order. However, the Level 2 exam has questions from the Level 1 exam, and Level 3 contains material from both other exams, so we strongly recommend completing them in order.

Where can I get a receipt for my purchase?

Once you purchase a credential, you will receive an email with an order summary and a receipt. If you don't see it, try checking your spam folder or reach out to

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