Level 1 Credential - Gateway to A-Score Certification

The Level 1 Exam verifies that a developer has an essential understanding of application design in the Appian environment including development theory, technique, and best practices. This exam is immediately available on Academy Online and covers concepts introduced in the latest release.  Passing this exam awards a Level 1 A-Score certification and access to the A-score Program tools and resources.

Credential Eligibility

Successfully completing the Appian Developer course (recommended)

At least 3 months of project experience (recommended)

Exam Details

90 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge of Appian application development theory, technique, and best practices.

Once started, participants must complete the exam within 60 minutes.

Credential will be awarded upon receiving a passing grade.

The awarded credential is valid for 18 months.

*Appian is extending a grace period to all credentials set to expire between Nov 1, 2020 and Aug 31, 2021. These will remain valid until Aug 31, 2021, giving developers the opportunity to renew on new exams set to be released May 2021. These exams will be built following industry best practices for high quality and relevant exams. In addition they will be administered in proctored sessions to protect the integrity of the certification. 

Grading Criteria & Assumptions

The exam will be graded and a final score provided upon final submission of the exam.

Participants will not have the ability to review their answers once graded.

A passing score is 70% or greater.

If a participant fails, he or she must wait 30 days before retaking the exam.

Topics Included in Examination

Application Concepts

Appian Object Design

Appian and Agile Terminology

Designer Interfaces

Application and Object-Level Security

User and Group Management

Appian Functions

Process Modeling

Record Concepts

Interface Concepts

Report Builder

Application Deployment

Document Management

Application Usability Best Practices

You can learn more about these and other topics by visiting the Appian Documentation.

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