With the release of Appian 21.4 on November 12, 2021, Appian Academy and the Appian Certification Program would like to announce a brand new Appian Developer learning path and updated Appian Certified Associate Developer exam!  

What’s Changed?

To align with the latest enhancements to the product, we have redesigned our Appian Developer learning path and Appian Certified Associate Developer exam to reflect modern application design features that enhance the speed and ease of application development. 


Appian Records allow you to converge multiple sources of data into an integrated data model for displaying and aggregating data across your application, enhancing the speed at which you can design complex visualizations of your data across grids, charts, and graphs. You can quickly adjust your data model, create custom record fields, and easily integrate processes so users can take informed actions as needed. 

How Does It Impact You?

If you are actively learning to become an Associate Appian Developer or scheduled for the exam in November, you can:

  • Complete the current version of the Appian Developer learning path you're enrolled in. This path now includes a new course, Modernize Your App with Records, that will teach you more about application design using records and record type relationships. 
  • Alternatively, you may choose to enroll in the newest version of the Appian Developer learning path, but this is not required for active learners. 
  • If you're registered for the Associate Certification exam and feel as though you need more time to prepare, you may choose to reschedule.

Have Questions?

Email us at academyonline@appian.com.