• Integrating Appian and blockchain

    NavLabs has become really interested in blockchain lately and how the emerging technology might interact with our clients' Appian applications. Blockchain complements BPM platforms really well by distributing trusted information throughout a network…
  • RE: Swimlanes and activity chaining not getting saved in process model

    Most likely the process model is referencing CDTs that have been deleted. Check out KB article 1001 . Some related threads: https://community.appian.com/discussions/f/process/2013/several-of-our-process-models-in-development-have-been-corrupted-text…
  • RE: Calling an Appian interface from .net or java enabled webpage

    Hi Abhishek, If you are trying to show Appian details like Record/Report/Tasks in external system web page, could you try with creating one site in Appian with required details configured and calling that site url in external system web page.
  • RE: Query on Label in a textfield

    Thanks (Y). I think we can write "New Business Discount" directly in the value . We can consider this as a workaround as there seems to be limitation for the label field to accept this kind of values in single line.
  • Query on Label in a textfield

    Hi All, I have a value for label of a textfield as “New Business Discount”. However it is displaying in the interface in 2 lines as shown below. New Business Discount The length of this label value is 19. Is there any possible way to hold…