• How to avoid MNI

    Hi All, Is is best practice to use MNI's in appian , if we need to avoid this could suggest me the ways to so ? Thanks, Bhargavi
  • Read Only version of Database Administrators Custom Group

    Hi We're on Appian Cloud and we currently have a large number of our production technical support users who have access to the Database Administrators custom group - which also gives them the capability to run update / delete commands against the MySQL…
  • RE: Facing issue with executestoreprocedure()

    Hi Vinod, Please check if your stored procs queries are performing any create,update, delete operations in DB because AFAIK executestoredprocedure function only works for Select scripts.
  • RE: Date (or) Date Time values are not getting displayed in Record Type (Grid View)

    Guys, I did a stupidity here, I didn't configured the "Display Value" under the component option with in the column. That's the noise. Sorry for wasting all your time. Issue is fixed now.
  • RE: How to search for parent process instance in 18.2

    Hi Piyush Agarwal, In monitoring tab when you open the instance, in file tab you can find the option "open parent process" option, on clicking on that you will be navigating to parent processes. Thanks, Krishna
  • Execute Stored Procedure Trace Logging

    Did you know, the execute stored procedure plug-in has a performance log? Each time a stored procedure is executed an entry is added to APPIAN_HOME/logs/perflogs/execute_stored_procedure_trace.csv It contains a wide variety of metrics from connection…
  • RE: Need to faster way to find all deprecated function in appian application

    I would recommend you take a look at this page: docs.appian.com/.../function_versions.html The versioned functions are not deprecated, and may continue to be used indefinitely. But many customers will nonetheless want to take advantage of the improved…
  • Issues with Health Check links

    This is not a question, but rather a solution to an issue I was experiencing and I wanted to share it with the community. When reviewing the Appian Health Check report, I was unable to resolve on any of the "Click here for more information" links on…
  • RE: Process is not starting on timer / schedule

    Yes, republishing the process model helped. Thanks a lot!
  • RE: How to maintain Atomicity in Appian - while Persisting Transactional Data

    Our best practice to put logic into a WTMDS node is to use expressions returning a list of entityData structures. This way you can do any checks you like and only write to DB if all your items is OK. The write to DB itself will be transactional.
  • RE: What is difference between Start Process Smart Service and Subprocess?

    Hi diptis, The Start Process smart service is available as an expression function that can be executed inside a saveInto on a Interface Component or as part of a Web API. So if you want to trigger a process model on click of a button or on an action…
  • New Lead Designer Credential Format

    Hi All, As per new guidelines, if anyone wants to become a certified lead designer, following needs to be presented apart from the multiple choice questions stage: A live interview with an Appian Architect to review your Appian project experience…
  • RE: New Lead Designer Credential Format

    These are pretty complete. Just to add some additional color: 1) How do we need to present the above information to the Appian architect who will be reviewing the design. Is there any specific format? No specific format - you would just email related…
  • RE: POST Web API returning 401 with Postman (and with some apps)

    bhanuprakashm was able to resolve this by adding Host as header. Value should be your Appian URL (ex. something.appiancloud.com). Also, I found that Advanced REST Client (ARC) doesn't have this issue so I have been using ARC since then. Authorization…
  • RE: Maximum rows in a decision

    We have not hit a limit, but I will say even the editor gets slower as you add many rows.