• Comment on Base64 To Document Convertor

    Hi Folks, If this is Salesforce specific then "Salesforce" should be included in the plug-in name. Right now I'm looking for a Base64 To Document Convertor but it is not related to Salesforce. I'm guessing this is not going to work for me.
  • Comment on Base64 To Document Convertor

    Is this Salesforce specific, or generic? If specific to saleforce, consider renaming accordingly.
  • Option to Disable 19.3 Dialog Style Related Actions

    Is there an option to revert the dialog style Related Actions from 19.3 to the old redirect style Related Actions from older versions? After testing on several instances, the dialog style Related Actions seems to run slower than the old redirect…
  • Feature Request: Auto add to patch when saving an object change

    When saving any object, would be great to have a feature to add it to a patch for the application you launched it from.
  • Comment on Date Formatter in JSON

    Hi Mike, Apologies for the delay in my response, as I was on a vacation, and apologies for the problem caused in your project due to this plug-in. Also thanks for your input. I will try to upload a new version of this plug-in shortly (probably by this…
  • Noticing A-Score badges in your social feeds lately?

    Appian practitioners can now share their A-Score on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Learn more and find out how to add certificate details to your LinkedIn profile by visiting A-Score Social Sharing Options under the secured Partners section. For customers…
  • Comment on Advanced User Task Report

    So useful since they got rid of /designer. Thanks Mike!
  • Appian 19.2 Product Announcement Webinar

    Appian 19.2 is packed with new features and enhancements, all geared to help low-code developers build powerful apps faster and connect with more enterprise services, and help users increase productivity. This webinar, recorded on May 29, 2019, covers…
  • Comment on Excel Tools

    What is the status of the Export SQL data to Excel/CSV smart services? They show up as deprecated when I import the plugin.
  • Comment on Excel Tools

    We have a complex query that changes based on date and result need to be in excel. I used " Export SQL to Excel " for similar functionality on many applications. Now that it's deprecated I do not want to use in on my current new application. What's the…
  • RE: Adding UserOrGroup Picker component(which allows to select multiple users) in Editable grid

    Hi - can you elaborate on the Use Case here please? That is, what's the business problem you're trying to solve? (there are a few things wrong here and I want to make sure I've understood what the real problem is before I dive in with a solution!)
  • RE: node execute limit

    MNI with batching is a possible solution, however you wind up with MNI squared. While none of your other users might notice and think the system is broken, the user waiting for 10,000 records to be processed will think the system is broken, waiting for…
  • RE: node execute limit

    My best advice to you is to discover the joy that is a!forEach and avoid using MNI at all costs. I reduced the running time of an MNI with 300 records from several minutes to 45 miliseconds by using a!forEach. Do whatever you can to have a script task…
  • RE: add PickerFieldUser value to rule input

    Hi Vineeth Just like any other interface input component it has a 'value' parameter and a 'saveInto' parameter. Set these both to point to the relevant rule input. So, where your rule input is ri!selectedUsers (an array of 'User'): a!pickerFieldUsers…
  • RE: Content Expressions (v1.0.8) Plugin

    Hi Judy - you can use the Designer search feature - select expression and then search all objects for the two functions you want to find (one at a time obviously) - it should bring back a match to highlight where you're using that function. If there…