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Through this global certification, Appian assigns A-Score levels based on a practitioner's tested Appian knowledge and proven project experience.

To Achieve A-Score Certification


Credential Minimum

Experience Minimum

Customer Success

Level 3


Level 3 Credential

(includes architect interview)

12 months relevant experience

Verified customer endorsement

Level 2

Level 2 Credential

None required

Verified customer endorsement

Level 1

Level 1 Credential

None required

None required

Relevant experience includes accumulated time spent in a hands-on role on Appian customer implementations that are released into production by a practitioner’s organization. It must include at least one go-live on the Appian platform in the current or prior calendar year. 

Verified customer endorsement requires an Appian customer to complete an online project evaluation and explicitly endorse an individual practitioner. Endorsements must be from the current or prior calendar year. 

Note: We’ve introduced the customer success component in March 2020. Through December 31, 2020, a practitioner can continue to qualify for certification without a verified customer endorsement. See details here FAQ