Appian 18.1 Product Announcement Webinar

For user engagement, nothing beats a good UI. That’s why the focus of the Appian 18.1 release is on giving you more tools to create rich user experiences.

Join Appian Vice President of Product, Malcolm Ross, for a guided tour of the latest release, and see how your organization can:

  • Boost user experience with capabilities like adjustable column widths and embedded icons in rich text.
  • Preview and tailor the mobile look-and-feel of your applications to define the way they look on different device types.
  • Delight users by taking repetitive, legacy system-based work off their plates, with the improved BluePrism RPA integration.
  • Ensure developers can create applications even faster with additional features to Appian Application Designer to boost productivity.
  • And so much more…..

Join the low code revolution and hear how you can participate in the Appian World 2018 Online Hackathon! Build an app and compete for $10,000 in prizes. Details will be announced on the product webinar.