• Box Sign

    Allows users to integrate Appian documents with Box Sign for signing by other internal or external users Key features and functionality: Create Signing Requests Upload Appian Document to Box Sign Download Signed Box document back…
  • Box File Utilities

    The Box File Utilities Plug-in provides the following: Custom Functions Create JSON Web Token (JWT) - createtoken() provides the user with a JWT that can be used for up to 60 seconds as authentication with the Box “token” API Construct URL…
  • Box Connected System

    Potential use cases: Finance firms where files can only be managed by specific users using user-based authentication Educational institutions where common notes can be accessed by all using app-based authentication Marketing firms who share and…
  • regarding to the a!textFeald and box layout

    i am trying to display the text feald side by side but my requirement for one feald i want name another field i don't want name but the morgen is coming upside for the empty name feald... also i want to background color for the box layout is it possible…
  • out-of-the-box

    Why Appian call the stuffs within Appian as out-of-the-box? out-of-the-box always sound something out of the Appian, isn't it?
  • Problem in integrating with Box with Box File Utilities Plugin

    Hi I am trying to integrate Box with Appian using the Box File Utilities Plugin. I have created a JWT App in Box, and added the Private and Public Keys, and also uploaded the PEM files in Appian. However, when I am trying to create a token by createToken…
  • How to display check box

    Hi, How to show a checkbox like below Thanks a lots
  • selectable grid with check box.

    Hi everyone, I am trying to implement selectable grid with check box for the column name xyz ,on click of checkbox xyz the grid data should populate. How will I do this? Can anyone suggest on this please.
  • Weight Scale Input Box

    Would be great if there was an interface component that could be utilized with a USB weight scale. Something like the Barcode component but would allow you to utilize a compatible USB weight scale for a items weight input automatically.
  • Error in collapsible box layout

    My requirement is whenever I have error inside a box layout the collapsible box layout should look like this Can anyone help me with this please.