• Out of the box Reports

    Hi every one, we are trying to implement some reports regarding process behavior, task duration, average etc. but before going into a big definition I was wondering if appian contains "out of the box" this kind of reports, and if so, where can I find…
  • RE: Box Layout Icon

    In my experience, compatibility is fairly high these days, approaching 100% but not necessarily always 100% (and it can also depend on the particular unicode character in question).
  • RE: Dialogue box--SAIL

    @aloks176 Thank you Very much.
  • Fitnesse : Dialogue box verification

    Hi ! Is there a way we can verify fields present on dialogue box and perform clicks on the same ?
  • Pagination for Box layout

    Hi, I have a requirement to read data from Excel and display each record in box layout. I am parsing the excel value to CDT and looping for each row.I need to add pagination like 10 rows when load the page. How can I achieve this please help me.…
  • Issues related to Box Upload

    Hello All, I have created an application to upload file to box and accordingly create a shared link for each of the files being uploaded, To achieve this functionality in a more efficient way I create 10 app accounts and I'm using multithreading…
  • Unable to toggle box with FitNesse

    Hi, I have 7 box layouts in my page and first box is expanded by default.I would like to expand the last box.Using the following line but unable to expand the box, toggle box |Pooled |visibility | Also tried with index, toggle box | [7] |visibility…
  • 508 Compliance and Box Layout

    I've that that there are 508 compliance issues related to the way screen readers read the label of box layouts. Is this a known issue and does Appian support have any additional information about what exactly the issue is and if there are any known workarounds…
  • Helptool tip in box layout

    Hi, Need to display helptootip like text feild component label in box layout label. Any workarounds/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Swapna
  • Facing issue in Integrating Apian with Box

    I'm try to integrate Appian with BOX here I have used Box File Utilities plugin and followed the given step provided in Manual I have created a App in box as well as all required key are generated in BOX Now in Appian I need to generate token for…