• GitHub Connected System

    Overview GitHub is the world's largest software development platform, which provides cloud storage for source code, supports all popular programming languages, and streamlines the iteration process. Git simplifies the process of working with other…
  • Github Smart Services

    Contains a set of smart services for managing GitHub repositories and teams: Create Team Create Repository Add Team Member Add Team Repository Get Branches
  • Github connected system

    How do i use GitHub connected system plugin
  • Does anyone have an example of how they implemented GitHub/Jenkins for environment promotion?

    I attended the "Methodology and Strategy: Integrating DevOps with Appian to Deliver Software at the Speed of Business" @AppianWorld18 and I asked at the conclusion of the session if they were going to share the jenkinsFile they used for creating the…
  • GIT style comment mandatory when rule checkin

    Hello Appian Engineering, Like to suggest : Scenario : When a developer working on any object rules , It could be UI or expression or model Appian always had version from past 12plus years Which is good As we progress it will be good to…
  • RE: Integration for Google drive

    Hi Deviratnamv Here is the GitHub repo Hope its not too late
  • how to connect to GitLab?

    Hi there, Anyone here know how to connect to GitLab? I see there is connected system for GitHub, anyone know there is one for GitLab? Thanks, Lin
  • RE: Public plug-in source code repository

    GitHub would definitely be a useful and appropriate tool for this! Thanks Justin for bringing this topic up.
  • RE: Can you export an application from the command line?

    You are correct, the buildPackage.sh uses GitHub as the source of data and produces an application. Therefore you need to use version-application.sh to add patch content to GitHub and then use buildPackage.sh to construct an application. I'm not sure…
  • Screen Smart

    The app is an intelligent pre-screening solution that screens candidates from LinkedIn & other social/public platforms to find the fittest candidates. The app addresses the long hours recruiters put on unwanted/suspicious profiles for the given positions…