• Tableau Component

    Note: This plugin requires the Tableau Connected System Plugin to embed the views in Appian Interface. embedTableau: Embed views and dashboards created in the Tableau environment with options to edit the visibility of toolbars and tabs. This can be…
  • Tableau Connected System

    The Tableau Connected System plugin contains the Client APIs for generating the authentication token and querying the views and workbooks. Prerequisites: Requires a registered Tableau user account and requires Connected App to be created and enabled…
  • Plugins for Tableau

    Are there any Plugins Developed for Tableau Dashboard Integration to Appian for reporting purposes? OriginalPostID-269839
  • Tableau Trusted Auth Field

    Embed dashboards with Tableau server using trusted authentication. This Plugin uses a connected system (https://community.appian.com/b/appmarket/posts/tableau-trusted-authentication-connected-system) to get the trusted authentication from the given…
  • Tableau Trusted Authentication Connected System

    Fetches the tableau trusted authentication token which is used to embed dashboards in Appian.
  • Tableau Integration with appian ?

    Hi, Anyone knows about Do you have any idea about Tableau Integration with appian ? Please share any bullet points to me.
  • Appian Cloud Tableau Integration

    Hello, Can you guys let me know different ways of exporting data in Appian cloud to Tableau (hosted on internal AWS). Thanks in Advance, Riyaz
  • Can Appian be Integrated with Tableau which is a Desktop Application?

    The Client wants us to Integrate Appian with Tableau which is a Desktop Application. Is the integration Possible? If Possible can some one help me with that?
  • How to display tableau reports using web content field?

    The requirement is to display the tableau reports from tableau website . To achieve the same, webcontent field is used and url is passed in source which is retrieved from the DB. Code Snippet: a!webContentField( labelPosition: "ABOVE", source:…