• conector uipath

    Hello , I am trying to use the uipath connector to connect to my onpremise uipath orchestrator. When I enter the data I get this error and I do not know the reason. Can someone help me ?
  • UiPath Connected System

    Manage your UiPath Orchestrator and start Jobs directly from Appian! Users can connect to their UiPath Orchestrator and perform multiple operations against it. See which robots are connected and what processes are available to run. The UiPath Connected…
  • Unable To Connect Appian with Uipath

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to connect Appian 22.4 with Uipath 22 but getting below Error When I use the same credential with Uipath, I was able to login in uipath orchestrator I tried changing the Url as well but same issue. Can someone please…
  • UiPath Appian Activity Sample App

    This is an Appian Sample Application that provides endpoints for the UiPath Appian Activity. The UiPath Appian Activities Pack available on UiPath Go website uses Appian Web APIs to connect to your Appian platform. This connection gives you the ability…
  • RE: UiPath Connected System

    Hey Gavin, the Connected System listing zip now provides to different JARs. One for each on-prem/private cloud and public cloud orchestrators. The one you want is "UiPath Public Cloud.jar"
  • UiPath OAuth2 Authentication and Connected System

    I am trying to get a connection to UiPath using OAuth2. Note that I am a new UiPath user, so the workarounds for older accounts do not work in my scenario. I do not have a tenant username or password, I can only connect via API calls. UiPath documentation…
  • UiPath Connected System - Environments not populating

    Hi, I tried to create integration using UiPath connected system. I gave the operation as StartJob, the environment is expected to populate an environment but it is not populating the same. please let me know if anyone has faced this issue and if…
  • UI Path - Method not allowed

    Dear all, i tried to setup uipath connected system, but i got "method not allowed" error. The login credentials and the url to the orchestator are correct. Can anyone give me suggestions? thanks
  • [AppianEUROPE] Cambridge Assessment Fireside Chat: Enabling Greater Automation, Efficiency and Transparency in Education

    As an international exams group, Cambridge Assessment (CA) design and deliver world-class qualifications and assessments to over 8 million learners in over 170 countries. The not-for-profit organisation has selected Appian as a strategic platform for…
  • RPA with JAVA/SWING client

    Need to build a robot that will interact with JAVA/SWING client. It seems that there are JAVA extensions by Robocorp and UIPath. What are the implications for having that to work with APPIAN/RPA ? Thanks