Sustain and Enhance

Successfully launched applications won’t stay successful for long without a well thought-out strategy for support and continued improvement. Support strategies depend on clear delineation and accountability and the use of effective monitoring tools like the Appian Health Check to reduce the likelihood of application incidents before they arise.

Step 1: Enable Effective Application Support

To be ready for issues as they arise, organize a multi-tiered support team with delegated responsibilities. It’s not the only way to support an Appian application but it’s effective because different issues will require different skill sets for resolution.

Step 2: Use Health Check Regularly 

Health Check is a platform utility that can be run to provide transparency into application design, usage, and risks. This utility can be scheduled to automatically collect the information it needs and perform the analysis. Users can explore the Health Check analysis findings via the Insights site on community. There, detailed findings are organized into four areas of your environment: Design, User Experience, Infrastructure and Configuration.

Key Benefits to Health Check

  • Reduce overall risk
  • Flag best practice violations
  • Reduce unplanned outages
  • Identify developer skill gaps

How frequently should you run the Health Check?

Run the Health Check at different intervals depending on the environment and project phase:

Step 3: Collect Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Your business is constantly evolving, as are the needs of your application’s end-users. Business rules, data fields, and processes which made sense when the application was originally designed may become obsolete, and application features may become limitations that users must work around. Fortunately, you can easily keep Appian applications in tune with user needs.

Routinely Collect feedback from the end user community with:

  1. Role based surveys
  2. Focus groups with daily or power users
  3. Pattern analysis of support tickets

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