Milestone: Build Readiness

Define Success

✓ Have you identified all stakeholders who will be impacted by the application and included their needs in the plan?

✓ Are clear goals defined for the project, and have precise metrics been established to measure success?

✓ Have you clearly communicated the goals and scope of the project to all stakeholders via a charter or other means?

Explore Scope

✓ Are sufficient requirements defined which meet DoR, to support 2 iterations of development?

✓ Have you collected NFRs for the application including expected usage, security and accessibility requirements?

✓ Have you modeled key design decisions in a Solution Blueprint?

Plan Release

✓ Has an MVP been selected which the team can release within weeks and not months?

✓ Have you defined a release plan which estimates what the team can deliver in the next 6-8 weeks?

Agree a Way of Working

✓ Has the team scheduled the iteration meetings including the Daily Coordination Meeting, iteration planning, retrospective and grooming and acceptance meetings?

✓ Did the team agree on development standards including DoR, DoD and a test strategy?

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