Plan for a High-Availability Environment

The availability of an Appian production system is an important topic to consider when planning an Appian deployment. Failures that may disrupt availability must be identified early and mitigated effectively. A robust architecture can limit the amount of system downtime and data loss caused by the failure.

Deploying a high availability configuration for Appian ensures that if a failure occurs in any given component of the hardware or software, it will not cause the system to violate its service-level agreement (SLA) requirements. All components of the architecture must be configured for high availability to form a highly available system which includes non-Appian specific components such as databases, file systems, and application servers. Your specific system configuration will and cloud vs. self-manageds architecture are factors to also take into account when assessing your environmental availability. Detailed information about these configuration options can be found in the Playbook documentation.

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