Train Your Team

Whether your onboarding a brand new team member or providing continuing education for veteran developers, training is an essential part of team building and the right training gets team members up to speed quickly. To that end, it’s a good idea to match training requirements with how each team member is to engage with the platform.

The product owner should take Appian for the Business.

This three-day course gives users an understanding of Appian’s capabilities. Users will practice identifying and gathering business requirements. They’ll also construct core aspects of an application and become familiar with Appian tools, application workflow and user experience. At the end of this course, product owners will be able to confidently communicate Appian requirements to project teams, stakeholders and developers from initiation to delivery.

The development team should take Appian for the Developer.

In this 10-day course, team members will learn to implement requirements by building objects, assigning security roles, and deploying Appian applications. Participants will configure records, process models, business rules, forms, and news posts. By the end of the course, users will be able to design with Appian tools to deliver intuitive and organized business applications.

Business sponsors and members of the leadership team are encouraged to take Appian Foundations.

This one-day course gives first-time users the opportunity to interact with Appian, become familiar with  terms, explore the basic components of an application, and learn to select the best user experience for your business.

With each release and new feature, Appian updates courses and provides gap training on a variety of topics. All courses are available at the Appian Academy. For more information, be sure to read the full inventory of all Appian's course offerings.

“I would advise prioritizing getting people in leadership roles up the Appian familiarity curve. We brought the Appian overview training to HQ and put several members of our transformation initiative leadership team through it. Although scheduling was a challenge, it was worth it because it helped ground the leadership team in the capabilities of the platform and all the areas it could be leveraged. It made a lot of the follow- up decisions go much more smoothly.”

       -Appian Platform Owner, US Financial Services Company



Training provides a solid foundation, but Appian Architect Services enables direct access to an Appian expert coaches your team as they develop new applications. With this service, a dedicated consultant from Appian Professional Services provides proactive guidance on Appian implementation, with weekly planning sessions to determine goals and requests.

Learn more about Architect Services.


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