Pre-Release Checklist

Ensure Technical Readiness

    ✓ Have you run Appian Health Check in a production-like environment and resolved risks it identified?
    ✓ Did end users have a chance to perform hands-on testing of the application?
    ✓ Did the implementation team address critical feedback via functionality or training?
    ✓ Did this testing include all relevant user groups (personae, geographic regions, etc.)?
    ✓ Did the volume of test data mirror the data volume you expect in production? When applicable, did you analyze historical data (ideally five to 10 years’ worth) to validate future volume assumptions?
    ✓ Did you validate performance of the system based on the concurrent user activity volume you expect in production? Did you test for volume beyond your expectations (e.g., 1.5x, 2x, etc.)?
    ✓ Do you have a plan for the deployment day/weekend? Do all the necessary supporting parties have knowledge and awareness of their responsibilities (networking, DBAs, etc.)?
    ✓ Have you verified hardware and infrastructure sizing needed in production? What about three to six months out and beyond?

Ensure Stakeholder Readiness

    ✓ Have you identified all stakeholders who will be impacted by the release?
    ✓ Have you clearly communicated the change to all stakeholders?
    ✓ Have the necessary training activities been completed?
    ✓ Did you demonstrate the application to relevant stakeholders to affirm the application meets their objectives?
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