Health Check

Health Check is a platform utility that can be run to provide transparency into application design, usage, and risks. This utility can be scheduled to automatically collect the information it needs and perform the analysis. Users can explore the Health Check analysis findings via the Insights site on community. There, detailed findings are organized into four areas of your environment: Design, User Experience, Infrastructure and Configuration.

Key Benefits to Health Check

  • Reduce overall risk
  • Flag best practice violations
  • Reduce unplanned outages
  • Identify developer skill gaps
  • Provide additional information for planning sessions

When exploring the Health Check findings, users can filter and sort by various attributes like risk level or category. This helps to further refine the areas to focus on to reduce overall risk. Historical trends and other environment level information is also provided to get a good picture of the overall environment health. In addition to the dynamic analysis capability in Insights, the Health Check utility also generates an excel report that contains even more information. For additional help and details about these reports, check out our Understanding the Health Check Report page.

How frequently should I run Health Check?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding Health Check. Appian strongly recommends scheduling Health Check to automatically run at the the intervals listed below:

  • At least once a month in production as part of server and application monitoring.
  • At least once at the end of each sprint as part of a project implementation checklist.
  • After any testing as part of a pre-deployment checklist.
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