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SP-4072 TLS policies in Appian Cloud

Appian Cloud allows customers to configure HTTPS access to sites via two different TLS policies - tls12 and fs12.

The first policy, tls12, requires users to access the site using TLS 1.2. This TLS policy supports the use of forward-secrecy for clients that support it, but can fall-back to TLS 1.2 without forward-secrecy in order to support older HTTPS clients.

The second policy, fs12, can be enabled upon customer request by creating an Appian Support case. This TLS policy requires users to access the site using TLS 1.2 and requires that HTTPS clients support forward-secrecy.

The recommended TLS policy for most sites is tls12, as it offers the security of TLS 1.2 with forward-secrecy, while maintaining compatibility with older systems that do not support forward-secrecy.

Affected Versions

This article applies to all versions of Appian Cloud.

Last Reviewed: March 2020