Appian for the Business

Appian for the Business is designed to give users an idea of the full application development lifecycle with emphasis on the planning stages of an Appian project. Participants will learn to design and plan an application. After the planning stages, Analysts will construct core aspects of the application to have a well-rounded understanding of Appian tools and application building requirements, which will help Analysts to communicate with Designer team members. Lastly, participants will explore the world of user experience design in Appian and see how it can be used to dramatically impact the use, adoption, and perception of an application.

Topics Include

  • Application Lifecycle
  • Requirement Gathering
  • High-level Diagram
  • Users and Groups
  • Decisions
  • Interface Designer
  • Building Forms/Testing
  • Process Model
  • Entity-Backed Record
  • News Post Usage
  • Data Stores
  • Reports
  • Sites
  • Quick Apps Exercise

Course Duration
3 Days

Appian Overview

Next Steps
Analyst Credential

Recommended Attendees
Business Analysts
Project Managers

Academy Online - Supporting Courseware

Project Management

Managing Business Rules with Decisions

Building Forms

Quick Apps

Users and Groups