For the Specialist

Academy Online hosts free, self-paced, specialized content for Advanced Designers, Developers, and Administrators


Advanced Designer covers technical topics including SAIL, advanced data structures, and integrations with external systems and services.  Our content also shows how to build application objects like interfaces and process models for scalability, maintainability, and performance.

Online Content

Advanced Data Design

Application Delivery

Interface Management

UX Design

Advanced Application Design


Developer covers extending Appian’s out-of-the-box functionality through building and deploying custom plug-ins. Plug-ins may include functions, Smart Services, servlets, custom data types, and service-backed records as Java modules. Our Developer content shows you how to extend Appian’s baseline features to meet your organization's unique needs.

Online Content

Plug-In Mechanics


Web APIs

Service-Backed Records


Administrator covers managing site-wide configurations through Appian’s web-based Administration Console. The Administrator content also demonstrates how to configure, maintain, and monitor on-premise installations by installing the latest version of Appian and getting to know various configuration files, logs, and initial setup recommendations.

Online Content

Web Administration


Installation and Configuration