Virtual Coaching

Designed for anyone who can't take the time to attend all-day sessions, Appian's Virtual Coaching program augments our online content with live webinars and other specialized online content. The result is a one-of-a-kind learning experience on our one-of-a-kind platform.

Offering Details

  • All sessions run for 4 weeks and include access to a training environment, video content, recorded interviews, and a course workbook
  • Total time commitment will range between 6 and 12 hours per week depending on the curriculum selected.
  • Topics covered will match those in the instructor-led version of the class.
  • Webinar times will be determined during the Introduction Session with input from the group.

Available Curricula (More on the Way)

  • Appian Developer (8-12 hours per week)
  • Advanced Developer (4-6 hours per week)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Sessions are priced based on the curriculum you select.

  • Appian Developer: $1700 or 2 Training Credits
  • Advanced Developer: $850 or 1 Training Credit

Q: How do I pay for it?
A: Credit Cards are accepted for USD purchases online. Training Credits can also be redeemed for admission.  For group purchases, email a complete Purchase Order to or contact your account executive.

Q: Do I need any preloaded software to participate?
A: Since this class utilizes our existing Appian Academy Online system along with Webex webinar sessions, all you need is a strong internet connection and up-to-date browser. No software download is required.

Q: What does a typical week look like?
The instructor will schedule 1-2 weekly webinars (the number varies by week). Each webinar takes approximately two hours. Between webinars, you will work through videos, exercises, and readings at times that make the most sense for you!

Will there be opportunities to collaborate with other members of my group?
Yes, the course includes several opportunities for group exercises, discussions, and collaboration.

I can see the scheduled sessions, but it looks like they are each only 2 hours. Am I missing something?
The times listed on Academy Online are only for the introductory session with your Coach. During this first meeting your group will plan the rest of your meetings.