COVID-19 Response Management

Manage the health and safety of your employees. Appian has created a free COVID-19 Response Management application for enterprises and government agencies. 

The application establishes a central command center to safeguard the health and safety of employees. It tracks health status, location, travel history and any COVID-19 incident details. Employers can see the health and work status of all employees, by geography and department. The app also enables organizations to offer community support to their employees. 


  • Accelerate your crisis response
  • Deliver a central hub for COVID-19 response management and employee information
  • Configure and fully deploy in about two hours
  • Safeguard your employees’ health information with the Appian HIPAA-certified Cloud (available at no charge)
  • Technical phone support available via the Appian COVID-19 Help Desk (available at no charge)


Note: This application may involve collection and dissemination of Protected Health Information. If you are not deploying this app in a HIPAA-compliant environment, please follow your organization's guidelines for handling of Protected Health Information.

Notice to U.S. Federal Government Subscribers: Use of this application is being offered free of charge for a limited term and solely for the purposes described on this page. Appian has no expectation of payment for such use of the application. Federal employees are solely responsible for consulting with the Office of Government Ethics or an agency-level representative on whether use of the application is appropriate for his or her agency.