Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Account Management

How do I register for Appian Community or Appian Community Edition?

Join Appian Community through this registration link. Fill out the appropriate information, verify your email address, and set up your multi-factor authentication. Once you successfully log in to Community, you can request Appian Community Edition from your learning journey. You can find more details in our user guide.

I haven’t logged into Community before September 2021 to reset my password or set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) for my account. What should I do?

You must contact as you are no longer able to update your password and set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) yourself.

How do I reset my multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Reach out to for assistance.

How do I transfer my account information or merge two accounts?

Create an account with your new email address. Once completed, reach out to with the email addresses associated with your old and new account. We will transfer or merge the two accounts for you and let you know when the process is complete.

Please note that we will transfer your credentials, Community and Academy achievements, and Community activity history during this process. If you would also like to have your Academy historical training data transferred, please include in your email to us.

How do I associate my Community account with my company?

See the following steps below:
- Go to and log in
- Navigate to your Profile in the top right corner (see "Profile Icon")

- Select Edit Community Profile (see "Edit Community Profile")

- Self-associate to your organization by using the Primary Group Membership Field (see "Self-Associate")

My Community Profile

How do I update my Community profile?

Once logged in, click on the avatar in the upper right-hand corner and select ‘Profile’. Click on the Edit Profile link and enter the information you would like to add or update.

Note that your email address is visible in the read-only view but is not editable.

Which profile information is publicly visible?

All Community users can view your avatar, display name, about section, interests and skills, and your community activity (e.g., posts and replies). If you have an Appian Certification, that badge will also be visible on your profile.

Connections are users you choose to share your profile information with and can view your entire user profile except for your email address and primary member organization.

What is my Connections list and how do I add members?

Connections allow you to associate with others in the Community. Connected members can view profile details about each other and can exchange private messages.

To add a Connection, navigate to the user’s profile by searching for them in the Advanced Search or clicking on their display name on the content they have authored. Click on the ‘Connect’ button and complete the form on their user profile page. The member will be notified about the connection request and can accept or deny the request.

What is a private message and how do I send one?

Private messages enable you to send private notes to your Community connections. Click on the Messages icon on the header, select ‘New Message,’ and complete the form. Note in the Recipients field you will only be able to select your Connections.

What are Achievements?

Achievements are awarded to Community users based on the user’s involvement in certain activities in the Appian Community. View the full list of Community Achievements here.

Community Resources

What Appian Community tools and resources do I have access to?

You can access many self-service and Community tools and resources in a single place:
- Academy Online is Appian's free e-learning platform, offering in-depth, self-paced training courses and supporting content.

- Appian Community provides a wide range of resources and features including:

Available to all Users For Customers and Partners  For Partners only

Discussions and Documentation
Appian Certifications
Latest Product Webinar
The Appian Playbook
Knowledge Base

- Free & downloadable apps from the Appian AppMarket
- User Event Presentations
- Health Check Request Analysis Form

- A dedicated 'Partners' area

Appian Forum is an Appian environment accessible to Appian employees, customers, and partners where you can access case management, software downloads, AppMarket submissions, and license requests

How can I access User Event Presentations (AppianWORLD, AppianEUROPE, etc.)?

If you are an Appian Customer or Partner, please make sure you are associated with your organization on your user profile. Once you have done that, you should be able to access the presentations here.

Are you a prospect that attended an event? Please register for an Appian Community account. Once registered, please email to request access!


How do I ask a question?

On the Discuss page, select a category you would like to post a topic or question. Click the ‘Just Ask’ button, fill out the appropriate information, and click the ‘Post’ button. Please try to add as much detail as possible to help the Community better understand and assist with your question.

How do I insert an image, file, or code snippets in a post or reply?

In the Description field, you can drag the file or image into the editor. You can also click on the ‘Insert’ menu item and select the ‘Insert image/video/file’  or ‘Insert code’ option.

What is a Verified Answer? What is a Suggested Answer?

A reply becomes a verified answer when the post author clicks the ‘This helped me’ link on the reply. A reply becomes a suggested answer if a Community member clicks on the ‘Suggest as answer’ option on a response. If multiple Community members indicate they have the same question by clicking on the ‘I have this question too’ button and then ‘Vote Up’ a specific response, that reply gets elevated from a suggested answer to a verified answer.


Verified answers are identified by a green check-mark and suggested answers are identified by an orange check-mark.

What is a tag? How is a tag used??

A tag is a keyword or phrase that describes or categorizes content. You can add one or more tags to discussion posts. Make sure to only use relevant tags in your post. For example, in a post about a SAIL recipe, you might add the tags: SAIL, recipe.

Tags are also added to content in other areas of the Community and can be used to navigate content in the Knowledge Base, The Appian Playbook, and resources in the Partner area. A tag cloud is displayed in these areas. The more frequently a tag is used, the larger it appears in the tag cloud.

Appian Community Edition

Check out the User Guide and Release Notes for more information about your Appian Community Edition environment!

I can’t log into my Appian Community Edition environment?

You should have received login details for your environment via email. Please make sure to check your entire inbox, including your junk/spam/promotions folders. If you still cannot find the email, please contact for further support.

*For your awareness, your Appian Community account and Appian Community Edition environment are two separate accounts that require different credentials.

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password from the login screen of your Appian Community Edition environment. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, select the “Forgot your password” option, and you should receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

If you do not receive an email, contact for further support.

My site has been shut down. How do I restart it?

If your site has been shut down for less than 28 days, you can restart your site from your learning journey in Appian Community. More details can be found in our user guide.

If your site has been shut down for longer than 28 days, your site is no longer available to be restarted. You can learn more about site retention policies in our user guide. You can request a new site from your learning journey in Appian Community.

My site is stuck in an “Error Stopping” or “Error Starting” state. What should I do?

Contact for assistance.

Product Support

What is a Support Contact?

Support Contacts are registered users of an organization authorized to create, view and update technical support cases on behalf of your Appian projects. Support Contacts receive communications from Appian Technical Support related to active support cases, new release notifications and Appian Cloud maintenance activities.

How do I become a Support Contact?

- In order to update your organization's Support Contacts, you must be an existing User Registration Administrator.
- Only registered users associated with your organization can be added or removed from the Support Contacts list. To register a user, see this article.
- All Support Contacts must have a valid, reachable phone number associated with their profile. To add this number, see this article.

Navigate to MyAppian and click on Support > Accounts.
- Open the Update Support Contacts related action.
- Add or remove users as appropriate.
- Save the changes.

To add/remove a support contact that is outside of your organization (ex: contact from a Partner organization), create a case with Appian Technical Support.

I am a Support Case Contact for a Customer or Partner. How do I open a new product support case?

Make sure your account is registered with a Customer or Partner. Click on the Create/Manages Cases button on the Community Support page. Clicking on the button will open up the MyAppian site in a new tab. Appian support contacts will have the option to create cases on this site.

Community Policies

What are the Community Guidelines?

The Appian Community is the place for accessing resources, communicating with peers, and growing your Appian knowledge.  To provide the best experience for all members we ask for adherence to the following guidelines when participating in the Community.  These guidelines are intended to provide protocols for engaging in the Appian Community and do not replace the terms of use for the Community.

  • Be respectful, courteous and keep communications professional. The Appian Community is global and open on a variety of topics. Participate in the Community in a polite, constructive and positive manner.
  • Content is public and therefore do not post confidential or sensitive information in posts or comments.  Represent your corporate brand by adhering to what you are permitted to share.  
  • Represent yourself authentically. Provide as much information in your profile as you would like to share with your connections. We recommended that you post a photo of yourself or an avatar that represents you.
  • Share expertise with others and be open about your knowledge. The Appian Community is all about collectively sharing knowledge and resources.  If you know a solution to a question that’s been asked respond to the post.  If a Community member has answered a question that has helped you, please mark their response as ‘This helped me’.  
  • Be relevant in your posts and replies based on the subject of the discussion.  Leverage the Community search features before posting and when responding to others do so constructively and avoid hijacking a post for a different question.
  • Do not solicit business or use the Community to market your company’s services or products.  Spam, promotions, marketing links or links to content that requires subscription fees to read is not allowed.
  • Be accountable for your work and posts on Community. Though we encourage sharing expertise, using Community as a source for plagiarism or cheating is not tolerated. All work must be original. Posting of exam questions on Community for assistance from the public is considered cheating and will result in barring from credential exams in the future. 
  • Provide feedback correctly by using the appropriate channel.  Appian Community discussions are meant for collaborative conversations but is not an official support channel.  For escalations to Appian Product Support use one of the contact methods listed on the Support page.  For Community feedback or to report rule violations, moderate the content or email

For any questions or issues, please contact for assistance.