KPMG OIG Empowerment Suite


Today, the Offices of Inspector General (OIG) and auditing process is ineffective, manual and are managed by siloed legacy systems. These legacy systems can introduce errors that cause missed milestones that can lead to significant delays, noncompliance and hefty fines.

  • Stifled productivity due to ineffective and unclear communication, delegation and workflows
  • Staffing and attrition rates
  • No centralized view of OIG data cause ambiguity in identifying risks, issues and bottlenecks
  • Significant delays in completing manual audit activities.
  • Noncompliance cause regulatory fines due to missed milestones and failed audits
  • Lack of transparency due to data lost in siloed systems that limit effective tracking and proactive risk mitigation.

Key Features & Functionality

Thanks to these features, OIGs can:

  • Accelerate and automate cross-referencing of workpapers and hyperlink to evidential matter to reduce the risk of report reissuance due to errors
  • Access case details in a single location for a single source of truth, on desktop or mobile devices
  • Access key metrics and data on their audit, inspections, and investigations portfolios in real time
  • Manage caseloads and assignments for auditors, inspectors, and investigators
  • Enhance processes over time and enable dynamic reporting with a full audit trail
  • Improve compliance with GAGAS (Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards), Blue Book, Yellow Book, and other regulations

Benefits & Business Impact

KPMG OIG Empowerment Suite on a leading low-code platform—Appian. KPMG chose low code as them foundation for the OIG solution because it combines automation and a building-block development approach with drag-and-drop simplicity to move quickly from idea to application. This means that OIGs deploying the KPMG Empowerment Suite can have a complete, ready-to-use solution installed within days. They also gain the flexibility to configure the solution, add features, or even new apps with minimal development—all significant advantages over COTS and custom development.