The Appian Guarantee: Fast to build, fast to learn.

The Appian Guarantee provides a focused 8-week delivery period for your first application project at a flat services fee of $150,000 (local rates will apply). * Appian also guarantees that anyone technical can be trained as an Appian Developer in 2 weeks.*

Appian for the Developer

It takes 2 weeks to become an Appian Developer. By the end of our two-week Developer course, you will be able to...

  • Explain Appian's terminology and relationships between all design objects
  • Configure all types of Appian design objects
  • Develop complex business rules
  • Assemble functional process models
  • Design dynamic user interfaces
  • Integrate with web services, databases, or other systems
  • Build automated tests to verify functionality within Appian
  • Monitor performance of Appian design objects to prevent potential issues
  • Interpret and troubleshoot technical issues within Appian design objects
Course Topics
  • Tempo & News
  • Sites
  • Quick Apps
  • Application Planning
  • Intro to Design Interface
  • Application Structure
  • Custom Data Types
  • Business Rules
  • Interfaces
  • UX Best Practices
  • Process Modeling
  • Debugging
  • User Input Tasks
  • Writing to Datastore Entities
  • Queries
  • Records
  • SAIL
  • Local Variables
  • Gateways
  • System-Generated News Posts
  • Sub-Process
  • Exceptions/Escalations
  • a!queryEntity()
  • Reports
  • Sites
  • Administration Console
  • Application Design Best Practices
  • Application Deployment
  • Community
  • Advanced Interface Design
  • Task Reports
  • Editable Grids
  • Complex/Dynamic Reports
  • Integrations
  • Application Design Project


Academy Online

You can also find the same topics available from Academy Online, Appian's self-paced, e-learning platform. Follow along with Academy Online's "Appian Guarantee" learning track, which includes a curated list of courses for teaching you the fundamentals of application building. Start learning today! 

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*The Appian Guarantee is available to new Appian customers developing and deploying in the cloud who purchase Appian software with an annual contract value in excess of an Appian-set minimum, who agree to fully using standard Appian features and prioritizing scope according to the guidelines as qualified by Appian Professional Services. These guidelines are best practices for fast delivery as they relate to project delivery methodology, integrations, data manipulation, and data design. The 10-day design course fees are not included in the first application project cost.