About A-Scores

The A-Score Program allows our customers to evaluate an individual’s proficiency in building business solutions in Appian.

Appian certifies individuals globally from Appian partner organizations with A-Score Levels, based on two core components:

  • Highest Current Appian Credential: The individual’s expertise demonstrated through exams and personal interviews.
  • Relevant Experience on Appian Projects: The individual’s recent field experience with Appian customers.

The simplified A-score Levels indicate a partner practitioner’s Appian knowledge, current credential, and relevant customer project experience.

To Achieve A-Score Certification


Credential Minimum

Experience Minimum

Level 3


Level 3 Credential

(includes interview with Appian Architect)

24 months relevant experience

Level 2

Level 2 Credential

12 months relevant experience

Level 1

Level 1 Credential


The Appian Credential Program allows practitioners to demonstrate the required knowledge and skills to perform key Appian roles according to Appian best practices. Relevant experience proves that they can apply the knowledge.

*Relevant experience:

  1. Includes Appian customer implementations that are released into production for a customer by a practitioner’s organization.
  2. Is calculated based on accumulated time spent in a hands-on role on an implementation project.
  3. Must include at least one (1) validated project go-live on the Appian platform within the past year.

A-Scores Ensure Your Appian Project Success