Assemble Your Team


The next task is to find the people you need. The most important role? Product owner. You’ll want someone from the business to take this on. The best product owners have these attributes:

  • Broad Relationships
  • Availability
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Decision-Making Skills
  • Experienced
  • Accountable Ownership

“One mistake we made when first starting out was just trying to find people with past Appian experience. What we found out was that finding, either internally or externally, the people with the right competencies and then teaching them about Appian was the better approach.”

    -Appian Platform Owner, Fortune 500 Insurance Firm


The team lead, architecture owner, and additional team members make up your development team.

There are two common ways to form a development team:

  • Build: Train new or existing employees
  • Source: Engage an Appian partner or Appian Professional Services

Build: Train new or existing employees

First, let’s look at ways to identify team members. When staffing an Appian team, look for aptitude. It’s common for Appian developers to be IT professionals, but anyone with an analytical mindset can develop in Appian. A great resource for potential hires is the Appian Community. This is where Appian users gather to communicate with peers and expand their Appian knowledge.

“One internal role that has a lot of the same skills required to be successful on Appian projects are the ‘power’ report users. I found them across our business analytics teams. They have a mix of technical and business skills that fit well with the Appian framework.”

    -Appian Platform Owner, Global Engineering Firm

Source: Engage Appian Professional Services or an Appian Partner

Appian Professional Services

Appian Professional Services consultants are THE experts when it comes to an Appian Deployment. They will work directly with you and your team to define business processes and gather functional system requirements. They collaborate with technical and non-technical stakeholders to solve the right problems, then build the applications using agile methodologies.

Learn more about how Appian's Customer Success team can accelerate your project.

Appian Partners

Appian Partners are another way to quickly ramp up a team. We cultivate our partner relationships with your ambitions in mind. That’s why our A-Score program lets customers evaluate the Appian proficiency of individuals from Appian partner organizations.

To achieve the highest A-Score certification, the individual must:

  • Demonstrate expertise through exams and personal interviews
  • Have at least 24 months of recent field experience with Appian customers

Whatever assistance you need—regional, industry-specific, end-to-end or a single phase—you’ll find it in the Appian ecosystem.

Learn more about the A-Score Program.

Find an Appian Partner.

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