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What do Appian teams look like? First, they’re smaller than typical software development teams. That’s because Appian doesn’t require a deep bench of labor or a breadth of specialized expertise. Smaller teams tend to be more agile as well, which lets you capitalize on Appian’s ability to turn out applications quickly. Learn more about hiring the right potential team members.

Another characteristic of Appian teams is that they’re more inclusive. The Appian platform lets you sit down with stakeholders and build an application together, dragging and dropping pre-built components as you go. It removes the traditional barrier between developers and end users, making application development a genuinely collaborative experience.

Plan on a team consisting of four key roles (click image to zoom):

For more detail on the responsibilities and competencies of each role, see below (click image to zoom):

“While each team member has a primary role, our most effective teams are cross-trained. For instance, Appian team leaders also do some of the coding, and our developers also are trained in aspects of architecture and project management. Because all of the team members have a degree of fluency in each other’s area, it facilitates effective communication and collaboration.”

Appian Platform Owner, European Financial Services Company

Additional profiles of optional team members can be found below:


Common Responsibilities:

  • Works with Lead Developer to implement complex system architectures
  • Designs, builds, and deploys custom function plug-ins and custom servlet plug-ins using Java.
  • Designs Embedded SAIL interfaces with dynamic behavior using Javascript, events, and Web APIs.
  • Works with Lead Developer to troubleshoot performance and scalability issues.

Suggested Core Competencies:

  • Network/System Administration
  • Database Management
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • HTML

Application Support

Common Responsibilities:

  • Manages deployments between different Appian environments and triages production issues.
  • Monitors activity within each application and escalates potential environment and infrastructure issues.
  • Resolves technical issues within applications.

Suggested Core Competencies:

  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Troubleshooting

DevOps/System Administrator

Common Responsibilities:

  • Maintains the components of Appian's enterprise architecture and manages installations and upgrades.
  • Monitors server health and maintains system infrastructure.
  • Installs and configures Appian.
  • Configures hotfixes and upgrades to Appian.

Suggested Core Competencies:

  • Network/System Administration
  • Database Management
  • Customer Service
  • Unix Shell scripts or windows batch scripts

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