KB-1842 How to disable user rename notifications


In some scenarios, the system administrator might not want users to be notified when their username has been changed. Customers can turn off this alert using one of the approaches mentioned below. 


Option 1: Turn Off the Alert at the User Level

Users can turn off this notification for themselves via following these steps:

  1. Access <APPIAN_URL>/suite/apps.
  2. Navigate to Alerts and Edit My Alert Settings.
  3. In the Select a Component section select Personalization.
  4. In the Select an Alert Type section select Username Changed.
  5. In the View/Modify Alert Rules section modify the alert from "immediate" to "never".

Option 2: Turn Off the Alert at the Administrator Level

Administrators can turn off this alert for a particular user, a group of users, or all users using the Alerts Utilities plugin: 

  1. Download the latest version of the Alerts Utilities plugin. 
  2. Use the "Edit Alert Settings for User V<X.X>" or "Edit Cloud Alert Settings for User V<X.X>" smart service in a process model. 
  3. For the Alert Type node input select the value Username Changed and for Time Interval node input select the value Never

Note: In order to turn off this alert for a particular group, use the getgroupmemberuserspaging() function to pull all the users and store it as the value for the Users node input.  

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 7.9 and later.

Last Reviewed: January 2019