KB-1408 How to configure custom email senders in Appian Cloud

Note: As of Appian 18.4, Custom Email Senders can now be configured directly from the Send Email Smart Service without any need to restart the system! Please see the Configure Custom Email Senders Inline section of the Appian 18.4 release notes for more information.

In order to set up custom email senders in Appian Cloud for versions 18.3 and earlier, you will need to create a support case with Appian Technical Support. Upon creating a case, there are three values you will need to provide to Appian Technical Support for each custom sender you would like to set up. These values are described below.

EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALUE: This is the email address which will send the emails. It is best practice to use a constant of type Email Address for this value so that it can be changed at any time without intervention from Appian Technical Support. Note: It is the customer's responsibility to create this constant.

EMAIL_ADDRESS_DISPLAY_NAME: This is the display name which will accompany the email address for emails sent through this custom email sender. 

EMAIL_ADDRESS_DROPDOWN_NAME: This is the name which will appear in the Send Email Smart Service drop-down menu. 

For each custom email sender you would like to set up, please provide the three values mentioned above.

For example, you might provide the following configuration:

EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALUE: cons!TEST_EMAIL_ADDRESS (with a value of 'fakeemail@example.com')



This would look like this in the Send Email node:

And it would look like this in the received email:

Note: Once Appian Technical Support has confirmed these values are configured on the site, a 2 hour maintenance window will be needed to restart the site to apply these configurations.

Affected Versions

This article applies to Appian 18.3 and earlier.

Last Reviewed: March 2019