Appian Data Type Designer

The Appian Data Type Designer is an intuitive, no-code designer for defining a business object such as a Customer, a Location, a Product or a Purchase Order. Whether you're a financial services institution, a pharmaceutical corporation, or a government agency, any part of your business can be defined as a data type. Find out how easy the Appian Data Type Designer makes creating and maintaining data types.


  • Hi... Question? Why Data Type not suport "Data Base Type Longtext " What do I can ? I need record an LongText in the Data Base, and when I create the Data Type from Data Base Structure  appear the next warnning message:  "Not all columns could be added because their data types are not supported by this feature."

  • Question: Can an attachment be a dded as a datatype? The goal is to provide the user with the ability to add multiple documents to a form. We are currently not using the Document Management functionality so the documents will not have a unique identifier.