Static and Dynamic content URL - no subdomains

Hallo community,

we set up a "on-prem" Appian instance (actually on AWS) to develop and test custom plugins (especially components).

General setup is OK, also instance is successfully registered as dev instance.

Since it is just an internally used dev instance, we decided to use something like to access Appian (left it on port 8080 for the sake of simplicity)

Static/dynamic URLs follow the same principle:


Additionally we set the parameter conf.suite.DISABLE_STRICT_DOMAIN_SECURITY=true

Unfortunately we have difficulties with the configuration of static and dynamic content URLs, so self developed components are not working properly.

Reading through documentation ( and other posts ( it is clearly stated to use 3 unique TLD.

Is there any workaround for not using 3 top-level-domains to get components working? (Appian is not using 3 TLDs on their cloud instances to differentiate static, dynamic content AFAIK)

As I mentioned, it is "just" a dev environment used by a handful of devs.

Thank you,


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