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  • ADVAM Payment Gateway Component

    ADVAM Payment Gateway Integration Solution provides capability for online payment for Appian applications using ADVAM
    Cloud Approved,
  • Google Charts Component

    Support for charts types - Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Combo, TreeMap, Sankey, Candlestick, Bubble, Pie and Word Tree
    Featured Cloud Approved,
  • PDF Tools

    Create, update, convert, and extract data from PDFs automatically within an Appian application
    Cloud Approved,
  • Home Site

    Bring all of your platform's features together into one cohesive and intuitive web page with the Home Site utility!
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  • Poll Email from Microsoft Exchange EWS API

    This plugin consumes emails from a Microsoft Exchange server using the EWS web service API provided by Microsoft
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  • Dynamic Question Survey (DQS)

    Create and complete custom surveys with robust business rule logic and support for multiple tiers of an organization
  • Contracts Manager

    A contract lifecycle management application which is integrated with Docusign for eSignatures
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Payment card UI section

    This UI recipe provides an interactive representation for payment card details
  • Microsoft PowerBI Component

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this component plug-in and the corresponding connected system plug-in
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  • Convert Base64 to Document

    Smart service to convert Base64 to Document
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  • 'Start New Chat' Connected System (Twilio)

    Allows Appian users to initiate a chat session with an Appian Intelligent Contact Center service agent
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  • Load Resource Bundle

    Loads a properties file and returns a dictionary of labels and values
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