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  • Deployment Automation Manager

    Tool for Automating application deployments and establishing Change Management for application versions
    Cloud Approved,
  • FitNesse for Appian

    A tool that makes it easy to setup automated testing on the Appian platform
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  • Send/Cancel Meeting Request and Generate iCalendar

    Send and cancel a meeting request (iCal/vCal event) and generate the iCal String so that it can be written to a file
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  • Get CDT Properties

    Provides the ability to obtain the attributes of an Appian Custom Data Type
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  • Password Protected Zip

    Creates a Zip file and protects it with a given password
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  • PGP Encryption Utilities

    Smart services for encrypting and decrypting files with PGP
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  • Appian Ethereum Functions

    Allows you to build applications that can interact with the Ethereum blockchain smart contracts
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  • Google Analytics Utility

    Track both page views as well as interaction events by leveraging the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol
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  • Task Reassignment

    Facilitates bulk reassignment of Tasks from one User to another
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  • Data Subject Rights

    Process and manage requests for data subject rights within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
    Featured Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Utilization Review

    Referral intake and review application for Healthcare Payers to assess the delivery of services to their members
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • DocuSign Utility

    Quickly integrate with DocuSign and use its features in any Appian application