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  • Appian Health Check Application

    Control the Appian Health Check process - initiate data collection, submit for analysis, and receive results posted to the...
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Advanced Unzip

    Unzips the given zip document into the Appian destination folder
    Cloud Approved,
  • FitNesse for Appian

    A tool that makes it easy to setup automated testing on the Appian platform
    Cloud Approved,
  • XML Validation Functions

    Provides functions to validate XML (a snippet or file) against an XSD file
    Cloud Approved,
  • Document Zipper

    Create a zip file of complete folders, including multiple documents and subfolders
    Cloud Approved,
  • Notepad++ User-defined language for Appian

    A Notepad++ UDL file that provides up-to-date highlighting for Notepad++ that matches the Appian interface designer
  • Excel Tools

    Provides several smart services, functions and servlets for handling data in Excel
    Cloud Approved,
  • Login Information Parser

    Reads login audit file(s) and populate a database with information about logins
    Cloud Approved,
  • Custom Content Functions

    Functions to retrieve information or act on Appian document management content
    Cloud Approved,
  • User Profile Picture Utilities

    Update or retrieve a user’s profile picture
    Cloud Approved,
  • Deployment Automation Manager

    Tool for Automating application deployments and establishing Change Management for application versions
    Cloud Approved,
  • Blue Prism Integration

    Allows for bidirectional communication between Appian and Blue Prism
    Featured Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified