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  • Encryption Functions

    Plug-in based on Java cryptography functions that allows encryption and decryption of text data using AES
    Cloud Approved,
  • Sales ConneXions

    A customer relationship management tool to manage customer interactions throughout the sales cycle
    Cloud Approved, Health Check Verified
  • Rich Text Editor Component

    Displays a field that allows user entry of formatted ("rich") text
    Featured Cloud Approved,
  • Microsoft PowerBI Component

    Leverage PowerBI in Appian with this component plug-in and the corresponding connected system plug-in
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  • Get All Knowledge Centers

    Obtains the list of existing Knowledge Centers
    Cloud Approved,
  • Dynamic Document Generator

    Convert, merge and generate DOCX, PDF and XML files automatically in an Appian process
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  • JIRA Connected System

    Get JIRA updates directly in Appian applications
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  • Update MS Office Document Metadata

    Update metadata of any Microsoft *.docx, *.xlsx, or *.pptx
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  • PDF Tools

    Create, update, convert, and extract data from PDFs automatically within an Appian application
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  • Google Cloud Storage Connected System

    Upload, append, list, delete, and generate public urls to documents in Google Cloud Storage
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  • Google Cloud AutoML Connected System

    Google Cloud AutoML enables building, training, and predicting on custom Image, Text, or Translate models in using Google...
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  • OSM Maps Component

    Integrate Open Street Maps in Appian with a variety of features
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