Record, related action and new record created - is it possible to stay on the record view for the NEW one?


Good day.

I have a related action that copies one record values in to a form, so the user can submitted and have a new process with the same or similar data than the original record.

The problem is that is a little bit confusing for the users that once they submitted the new form, it goes to the original record, whereas they would that once the new record is created and submitted,  it goes back there.

Any way of sending the user from one record to another after submitting a related action?


1) User select record 34 with status COMPLETED

2) User clicks on "Copy Record" for item 34, changes no data and submit the tasks, creating the new record 98  with status IN PROGRESS.

The user would like that after clicking on submitting on step 2, it goes to the record 98 so perhaps can act with the record and do a different related action. However, after submitting the "Copy Record", the user is back to the item 34, to which he cannot do any other related action.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts,



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