Need Design Suggestions

Hi All,

I need some design suggestions on my requirement below .

I have a excel which has around 1000 rows and has 5 columns . All four columns are some labels and the last column has VALUE(Sample below)

My requirement is to upload this excel file and save into Appian DB but before i save this data i want to perform some validations on VALUE column let say :

1. first 5 rows should fall into tolerance band of 100-200 

2. Next five rows should fall into tolerance band of 10-35

3. first 5 rows should sum upto 100

If values doesn't pass above validations then i need to tell user to re upload the excel with correct values .

Col 1 Col 2 VALUE
ABC XYZ 1290
ABC XYZ 6.88
ABC XYZ 5.18

Thanks in advance

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