Unable to start Data server

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We are not able to bring the tomcat server even though Data- server is started successfully.


Data server health is becoming false immediately from true.


Kindly help us to resolve this issue.


Tomcat log is given below.

2022-10-07 14:48:42,814 [wait-for-component] INFO  com.appiancorp.common.startup.WaitForStatefulComponents - Waiting for Appian component Data Server to be healthy...

2022-10-07 14:48:53 Appian in Tomcat is stopped via stop command


And watchdog.log is displaying the below error.


{"level":"ERROR","time":"2022-10-07T15:14:30.569Z","logger":"watchdog","caller":"BranchCleanup.java:56","thread":"branch-cleaner","msg":"Error executing branch cleanup."}

com.appian.data.client.AdsException: APNX-3-0100-004: No-op historical store gateway will not process write requests

        at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)

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