Difference between Adding objects and just referencing it

Hi community,

I do not understand the different use cases for adding objects to an specific application or just referencing it (e.g. in an expression).

Assume we habe 2 applications:

  • app AAA
  • app BBB

Both use onjects from a a "shared" application "ZZZ" providing core functionality (e.g. an interface and other to manage comments)

Let's say I want to use some commenting functionality in app AAA.

My approach would be to just "use" (reference) the objects from the commenting app, but definitely NOT adding these objects to application AAA.

Yet I have seen implementation where (in app AAA) some objects, e.g. ZZZ viewComments are added to the application using the same object in multiple applications.

I would assume it would be a good idea to keep each application as isolated as possible.

Thank you for some explanation!


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