Appian IDP: Delete documents post work completion


My company is moving towards Appian and we would like to use the power of Appian IDP. However there are many data that are confidential and are customer related and keeping it on Appian application or DB may violate our data protection or GDPR policies. We as Appian developers won't be able to promote IDP even though we have an Appian domain. People might see it as risk. So for me to sell IDP and its features I will also have to prove the post reconciliation data is being removed/deleted from Appian application or DB. I do not have the end to end knowledge of all the Appian IDP objects and process models. Please help me to know how I can ensure that once my data is processed if I have to delete the document and its related data - how do I do it ? Currently I see on the site

Is there a way user is given a choice to delete the document ?? 

Tables: For now I am aware that dudocunderstanding and tables related to the newly created CDT like

contains the data.

Is it enough if I can trigger a process to delete data from these tables ? I could not find any IDP tutorial/document on community that talks about this ..

Please help me




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